Why Local SEO Is About To Become Even More Important For Dayton Businesses

Are you trying to boost your website rankings in the Dayton area? You can hire a run-of-the-mill SEO “expert”, or you could go with a vendor that understands local SEO. Here are a few reasons why you should go with the latter:

Most Websites Cannot Compete On Broad SEO

Too many local businesses (in Dayton especially) have fallen victim to a crowd of bad SEO sellers. These men and women promise the moon, guaranteeing top billing for some of the most difficult to rank keywords out there. Unfortunately, ranking for broad niche terms is nearly impossible these days for all but the biggest brands. For a business with a more realistic approach, local targeting through SEO is the best bet

Google Has Begun Giving Presence To Sites Optimized For Local SEO

Google is no fool, they are well aware that online and offline businesses are doing their best to game the search engine. The company has done its part to combat these blackhat (read: spammers and scammers) actors through daily algorithm changes. It’s not a complete doomsday situation though. Google is all about getting the right results in front of the right person, and the search engine is much more likely to feature a local company that performs honest SEO.

Google Is Getting Better At Personalizing Search Results

Your potential customers are not using broad keyword searches to try and solve their problems. They’re using long-tail queries that are often tailored to the town/city that they’re living in. For example, a hungry couple isn’t going to just search “Italian restaurants”. They’re going to search for “Italian restaurants nearby/near me”. If your website has been optimized for local SEO, then you greatly increase the odds of being the number one option when searches like this are performed.

Are There Good Local SEO Vendors In The Dayton Area?

It would defeat the purpose if you had to leave town to find and SEO agent that understands both local SEO and the unique market needs of the Dayton area. Fortunately, there are great vendors right here in the city. They’ll have examples of successful campaigns, as well as a plan for your business that will guarantee success.

Most businesses have jumped into the Internet age; but are woefully under-prepared to thrive in the marketplace. You don’t have to suffer that fate. Hire a local SEO agent today, boost your rankings, and boost your profits.