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SEO: 5 Tips To Rank Higher Right Now

There are over 200 known factors that go into how Google and other search engines rank a website. However, some factors affect an SEO campaign far more than others – and that is important to understand before diving into an optimization campaign…at least if you actually want to get the most out of your efforts. Get the big issues in line first, then worry about the rest.

If you’re going to start a campaign any time soon, look at these 5 tips to help you rank higher right now.

#1: Check Your Content
Having original high quality content is the single most important ranking factor according to many different sources, and it’s the one that Google will actually publicly harp about repeatedly. If you have duplicate content, get rid of it. If you have some really bad English as a second language outsourced content, fix it or get rid of it. Get original, well-written content, and the longer each post, the better.

#2: Dump The Keyword Density
People wanted 5% keywords. Then 4%. Then 2% main keyword but 4% of longtails. Ditch all this. This may have worked in the past, it just gets you slapped now. Keep your main keywords under 2%, and if in doubt, under-optimize to avoid getting penalized the next big update.

#3: Set Up & Use Your Google Webmaster Account
Google will actually tell you if your website is being penalized and why. Not having one of these accounts doesn’t keep Google from gathering its information and potentially penalizing your website. This account shows where the website is strong and where it is weak, and if there’s a penalty you have the information to fix that immediately.

#4: You Better Be Optimized
The website needs to be mobile optimized for all devices. Every picture needs to be high quality with good alt tags and ideally keyword optimized. The use of title tags instead of bold for headings and sub-headings. The URL should be as clear as possible, ideally just the URL and the post name – no random letters and numbers.

#5: Gather Some Authority Backlinks
Backlinks still matter in SEO, but you never want spammy links or to suddenly shoot a hundred pointing at your website all at once. A good backlink is a single keyword anchored backlink from a high authority website in your niche or a related one. Getting even one of these big time backlinks can make all the difference.

Don’t overdo this step – you only want a few backlinks to you to use your keyword and just a few really good links are enough.

Follow these five bits of advice if you want the fastest results in ranking your business.